Add Luxurious Calfskin Sneakers To Your Footwear Collection

Posted on: 15 June 2023

Calfskin sneakers will complement your favorite clothing items. Familiarize yourself with calfskin textiles. Then, shop for women's calfskin footwear that has been expertly crafted. 

Calfskin Products

Calfskin products feature a tight grain that is durable and pliable. Calfskin materials are used to manufacture luxury footwear. During the manufacturing process, the hide of a calf is buffed, dyed, cut, and sewn.

Due to the strength of calfskin, footwear that contains intricate details can be produced. As a pair of shoes ages, calfskin materials will develop a patina. A patina is a soft sheen that results from calfskin leather being worn and exposed to the environment.

Quality Textiles

The outer layer of the hide is used to manufacture quality calfskin shoes. The calfskin textiles undergo a tanning process before shoes are manufactured. This process provides calfskin with its softness. A manufacturer of high-end shoes will use calfskin materials that are in pristine condition.

Typically, hide materials that come from the back of an animal are used to manufacture shoes. The back is less prone to damage than the skin that covers the stomach or head. The back skin will often not contain stretch marks or other blemishes that other parts of the skin could contain.

Color Selection

Before you shop for calfskin sneakers, consider how they will be used to enhance your wardrobe. You may want to own a pair of shoes that can be worn with a variety of outfits. If so, plan on shopping for calfskin shoes that are a neutral color. Many shoe manufacturers sell calfskin footwear that hasn't undergone a dye process.

If you are going to be purchasing a pair of footwear that is going to be worn solely with a specific outfit or color combination that your clothing features, plan on shopping for footwear that has been dyed. Many shoe manufacturers use a series of natural and synthetic dye products to enhance calfskin footwear.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for calfskin footwear, review the shoe manufacturer's production processes. The information that you review will outline the various steps that are followed when each pair of shoes are made. Inspect the materials that are used to construct the sole, liner, and body of various shoe products.

If you will be wearing your new sneakers while participating in strenuous activities, shop for shoes that feature grooved soles. Some calfskin shoes may contain hand stitchery and other embellishments that will accent specific parts of each shoe.

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