Three Cellphone-Related Promotional Products To Give Out

Posted on: 9 May 2022

When you're planning to order some promotional products that you can hand out to publicize your organization at an upcoming event, it's important to think of products that have a wide appeal. Given that virtually everyone carries a cellphone and uses it countless times throughout the day, there are lots of cellphone-related accessories that promotional product companies can customize with your organization's name and logo. In many cases, you can even choose products in colors that suit your brand. Here are some cellphone-related promotional products that you may wish to order.


A lot of people use cellphone stands at various times throughout the day. For example, people will often place their phone on a stand that sits next to their work computer, as this will allow them to easily monitor mobile notifications with a quick glance. In other cases, people use cellphone stands when they want to watch a video. Instead of holding the phone for the entirety of the video and perhaps ending up with a tired arm, it's easier to place the device on a stand. Promotional product companies often have all sorts of stands that you can customize and distribute.


Given how much people use their phones throughout the day, it's often necessary to charge them. To help people in this regard, you may wish to consider ordering some promotional chargers that you can hand out. There are different options to consider. A standard corded charger will be handy for people who have older cellphones, while a wireless charger can be a useful accessory for those with newer phones. A small rendering of your name and logo can appear on the plug at the end of the cable, while a wireless charger can feature a larger rendering of your information. You may wish to order a quantity of each of these devices and let people pick which product suits them best.

Ring Holder

Many people mount a ring holder to the back of their cellphone to make the mobile device easier to hold. By slipping a finger through the ring while using the phone, it's far more difficult to drop it. Many promotional product companies can produce custom-branded ring holders for organizations. Choosing a stylish ring holder design that features your organization's name and logo on the base can be an effective promotional tool that a lot of people are eager to use. Learn about these and other cellphone-related products by contacting a promotions company.

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