Hunting For Vintage Costume Jewelry Piece

Posted on: 21 September 2021

Shopping for vintage costume jewelry can be like treasure hunting. Searching for unique pieces can take you through history. Vintage costume jewelry not only holds its value but can express your style. To make sure your investment is worthwhile though, you need to do your research. The following tips can help you navigate your way through the world of vintage costume jewelry.

#1 Know What You Want

The more you know about your personal tastes in costume jewelry, the more likely you'll be prepared when you come across that perfect piece. First, study the different eras of vintage jewelry. It'll help you narrow down your hunt based on your style and personal preference. Avoid trendy pieces as they will lose their value over time.

#2 Do Your Homework

The more time you spend on researching the jewelry you are interested in, the easier it will be to appraise the piece. One of the biggest items to look for is a signature on the piece. Many designers mark their jewelry. Coco Channel, who started to make jewelry in the 1920s, used a forward and backwards "C". Another famous designer Jonas Eisenberg used a letter "E" to sign his pieces. There are online manuals and books you can use to find the specific signature for the brands you are looking for.

Make sure to do a visual inspection as well. Some mild wear is to be expected like small scratches. If there is significant damage, the price should reflect that. If it looks like it never has been worn, there is a good chance it may not be vintage. Pieces will increase with value if they have a documented history attached to the piece or a document of authentication.

#3 Where to Start

There are many different stores online and in person to acquire vintage costume jewelry. If you use an online store, make sure they have reputable reviews and a return policy. In person stores always have the benefit of being able to inspect the jewelry.

There are several places to hunt for that special vintage piece. If you have time, start with thrift stores and estate sales. They can take more time and knowledge about specific pieces but may provide great deals. Auctions and consignment stores are also a valuable resource and can provide more history about a piece.

Vintage costume jewelry can be more than just shopping for jewelry, it can be an exciting foray into history and an investment. If you do your research, you can feel confident in your purchases, knowing that a piece can last for years to come. Like hunting for treasure, you never know where it will take you.

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