A Mineral To Remember: Benefits And Uses Of Shungite

Posted on: 22 September 2020

Mineral and crystal healing has long been a rather controversial subject for many when it comes to alternative health practices.

However, with the increased use of technology such as prolonged screen time and cell phone use, the topic of whether these are harmful for the public's health has come into question. Thankfully, a mineral known as shungite has been effectively proven to help eradicate the negative effects of such technologies,as well as common toxins and bacteria found in pollutants. With a few simple ways in which to employ the benefits of this mineral, peace of mind may be given to the practitioner who may fear for their health due to the pollutants of everyday life. 

One of the most beneficial ways in which to utilize shungite is by placing it in water before consumption.

Surprisingly, this specific use is not a modern invention and has been found to have been used by ancient cultures in the past to filter water. Because of it's carbon-laden composition, shungite will help eradicate toxins and pollutants that may be harmful once consumed. It is best to place shungite in water that has already been filtered for the maximum benefits to be activated. Because of it's anti-inflammatory qualities, drinking water that has been infused with shungite can help alleviate symptoms in those who deal with chronic pain and inflammation. Even placing shungite minerals on areas that are troublesome may help soothe pain that is associated with that region. Sore muscles and weary backs are a couple examples of areas that would certainly benefit from this treatment.

Though many may scoff at the prospect of minerals being used in such manners as effective in any way, it is important to remember that different treatments may work for different people. What works for one may not work for another and there is certainly no harm is seeking out the healing characteristics of this wondrous mineral. Before using shungite as a treatment for protection from harmful pollutants or toxins, it is important to ensure the shungite itself is authentic. Being sure to check reputable retailers that regularly deal in authentic shungite, and other minerals and crystals as well as being able to speak of these products with ease and authority is crucial. Luckily, there are many reputable retailers available in shops that specialize in crystals and minerals as well as online retailers who would be willing to help. With the inclusion of this remarkable mineral into one's life, a healthier road ahead is in store.