How Visualization Helps You Maintain Motivation And Live With A Purpose

Posted on: 30 June 2020

17.3 million adults in the United States report having experienced depressive episodes in the last few years where they felt unmotivated to participate in pleasurable activities. The reasons are varied but many people feel a lack of motivation due to a feeling of lack of control or purpose for their lives. Here are a few ways visualization can help you maintain motivation and live with a purpose.  

Visualization Immerses You in Your Purpose

Studies show that visualization is almost as effective as a physical practice and also enhances the results of your physical practice. For athletes this means they improve their performance by visualizing the process. The same is true for musicians. Visualization also works for people that are trying to learn new skills to advance in their careers. Taking a few moments a day to imagine what it's like to see, hear, and feel the work they have to do greatly increases their chances of success. 

When working toward a goal, a vision board, affirmations, and positive audio can act as cues to maintain your motivation. They keep you focused on your purpose and make it easier to be consistent.

A Purpose Motivational Jersey Helps with Immersion for Groups, Athletes, or Driven Individuals

Wearing clothing like purpose motivational jerseys reminds you to seek the best from yourself, and gives you the extra little boost to follow through on your goals. Positive affirmations like "we rise" or "on fire with a purpose" rewire your brain for positive thinking in a process called autosuggestion. The lightweight, sweat-wicking materials are great for active teams, awareness groups, youth camps, or simply as leisure clothing. 

Visualization Triggers the Momentum that Creates Motivation

Many people believe that need the adrenaline boost that comes with feeling motivated to actually accomplish something. This is a misconception. Getting started on your goal no matter how you feel will create momentum. Before you know it, you're immersed in that activity and forget why you procrastinated in the first place. Finishing things creates motivation to keep going.

For particularly hard activities, try to start with 10 to 15-minute bursts with short 2 to 3-minute breaks in between. This can create momentum to help you finish your activity for the day. Having a designated area to work or complete an activity also triggers your brain into work mode. 

How Not to Use Visualization

Sometimes it's necessary to compare our benchmarks to others' to ensure we are on pace with our goal. It is easy to forget that everyone has their own purpose and path when we come across someone more successful than us. Comparing yourself to others is the best way to ruin your motivation. It punctures a hole in your gas tank before you ever get going.

So when you visualize, create affirmations, or wear affirming apparel like a motivational jersey, remember that you are in the driver's seat. Practice self-forgiveness if you make a mistake. Feeling motivated is a rollercoaster but when you include visual aides, you remind yourself to keep going no matter what.