5 Tips To Successfully Order Your Spouse's Birthday Gift During Lockdown

Posted on: 23 April 2020

One event that can't be postponed during coronavirus 'stay at home' orders is a birthday. If your spouse is having an upcoming birthday, you will most likely have limited options for buying their present: home-made or online. To make your gift-buying successful during this particularly challenging event, follow these few tips for creating magic.

1. Start Early

Anyone ordering a gift online should place that order as early as possible. Lengthy and unexpected delays have been plaguing the online shipping world, so give yourself more time. Even if the arrival time seems short, remember that could change overnight if the item isn't as prioritized as other goods.  

2. Have a Backup

Even during good times, shopping online sometimes leads to disappointment. If the item isn't what you expected it to be, though, you normally can return it or replace it with a quick trip to the mall. These days, those options may not work due to shipping delays and closed businesses. So, consider ordering a second, backup gift so as to increase your odds of having a great present on the big day. 

3. Talk to the Maker

No matter whether you buy from a local business or one far away, talk to them over the phone or on videoconferencing. This personal contact can assuage any concerns about the items arriving on time, in order, and as expected. You may also be able to work out some special packaging options or a personalized note. 

4. Buy Local

Buying from a local, owner-operated business during the pandemic is a great idea for several reasons. First, you support local companies during this period of massive business interruption. Second, the less distance your gift has to travel in the transportation chain, the fewer opportunities there are for it to get delayed or damaged. 

5. Personalize It

A personal touch is more important this year than ever. If you can't create the big party your husband or wife would prefer or their loved ones can't be there, any personalized touches will be that much more appreciated. Add a hand-made card, help the kids make a birthday cake, or have the birthday girl open her presents in a live videoconference with all her BFFs. 

If you make advance plans, work directly with a seller, and add your own special touch, your online birthday gift will be just the pick-me-up your spouse needs. And while 2020 may not have been exactly the birthday they imagined, it will be one they remember fondly forever. 

For tips on birthday gifts for her, check out local online shopping companies.