4 Different Styles Of Gradation Stoles

Posted on: 12 November 2019

When it comes time to walk at your graduation, you are going to have a graduation sash or stole that is draped around your neck and shoulders. Graduation stoles are used to represent your achievements, memberships, and awards that you may have earned while in high school or college.  

Plain Stole

First, there is a plain stole. A plain stole is one that comes in a single color. It has a really basic design, and kind of has the shape of a tie at both ends of the stole. The length of the stole is usually about sixty inches. Even though the stole is plain in color, the color can be used to represent a particular achievement.  


The second type of stole is a v-stole. A V-stole is made to slip over your head. It lies flat against your gown, and creates a V-shape on the front of your gown. In the back of your gown, it will create a small V-shape as well.  

Stock Imprinted Stoles 

Next, there are plain soles that have an imprint on them. These are called stock imprinted stoles because they have embroidery on them. These types of stoles are often embroidered with things honors on them, such as valedictorian, salutatorian, or graduate. Oftentimes, in addition to the title, on the other side of the stole, the logo or crest of the school may also be embroidered as well.  

"Class of" Graduation Stoles 

Another type of stole is a "Class of" graduation stole. This is a type of stole that all graduates can wear. This is a great stole as it helps commemorate a right of passage for each graduate, and it is something that you can hang onto long after the ceremony to remember one's graduation day.  

In addition to the various type of graduation stoles mentioned above, you can also customize the trim on the graduation stole. It can have solid classic ends, have trim around it, or be cut to have an angled end instead of a triangle shaped.  

When it comes to graduation, make sure that you are dressed up in style with a nice stole that shows off your accomplishments. You can order a "class of" graduation stole for everyone in the class, and you can order custom stoles to celebrate particular achievements, such as becoming a valedictorian, or certain special memberships, such as being a member of National Honor Society.