Three Reasons To Shop At A Farmers Market

Posted on: 19 July 2019

If you've recently moved to a new neighborhood and have learned that there's a farmers market that operates in a central location each Saturday, this is definitely a spot that is worth checking out. A farmers market is a nice place to browse with your family, and will often have various child-friendly activities — face painting, live music, and more — as a way of making this a popular destination. The key attraction, however, is the produce and other foods that are available for sale, and you may find that a weekly farmers market visit reduces the amount of food that you need to buy at your local supermarket. Here are three reasons to shop at a farmers market.

Supporting Local Growers

When you look at the produce that is for sale at your local supermarket, you might be surprised to see that much of it was grown in different states. In many cases, you'll find lots of produce that wasn't grown in the United States. The produce at your farmers market, however, is virtually always local, and there's something that is special about supporting local growers. In smaller communities, it's possible that you know many of the growers. Someone who grows and sells potatoes might also be a mail carrier, or someone who raises chicken and sells eggs could teach at your children's school. Supporting your neighbors by buying their products feels good — and keeps money in the local community.

Fresher Flavors

By the time a certain type of produce hits the shelf at your local supermarket, it has likely been in transit for several days, if not longer. If you've ever grown vegetables in your garden, you know that there's nothing better than fresh produce. Unfortunately, supermarket produce isn't always fresh. Many products need to be picked long before they should so that they're not spoiled when they reach the store. The produce at a farmers market is abundantly fresh. In many cases, the items that you see for sale will have been picked that morning.

Unique Products

While fresh produce might dominate vendor's tables at your local farmers market, you'll likely see a variety of other items for sale — including things that you can't easily find in your local stores. For example, one vendor might have homemade knit stuffed animals for children, while another might have dog treats made from natural ingredients. Baked goods, meat products, and crafts are also common at many farmers markets, giving you a unique shopping experience.

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