Are You Planning The Menu For A Casual Party?

Posted on: 19 February 2019

Are you having friends over to watch a special sports event? Maybe friends are coming to your house to honor somebody's birthday. No matter the reason you are having a party at your house, you'll be serving food, right? From buying chip and dip handmade pottery dishes for snacks, to buying handmade pottery dishes for the main meal, here are some ideas that might help.

Set An Attractive Table  - Of course, you'll want an attractive setting for your food, right? Think of buying unique pottery dishes. Do you already own handmade pottery serving pieces? If so, you already know how versatile they are. If you don't already own handmade pottery items, prepare to fall in love with those you select. Choose pottery dishes that can be placed in an a regular oven, a microwave oven and that can go through the dishwasher. The great part about buying handmade pottery dishes is that there will not be two that are exactly alike. 

Start the meal with a light dip that you make yourself and serve it in a handmade pottery dish.For example, have you ever mixed sour cream with a package of dried onion soup? Easy and delicious! And, putting the dip in a pretty handmade pottery dish will just make it more appealing. Select different types of chips, too. For example, put jalapeño flavored chips in one large handmade pottery dish and in another pottery dish put a less spicy type of chip, say regular potato chips. 

Buy Handmade Pottery Dishes - If you have been wanting to buy new dishes, this might be the perfect time to shop. Consider buying handmade pottery dishes that will complement the pottery dishes you selected for your chips and dips. Consider having something like a baked potato bar or a taco bar. Buy small pottery dishes to hold things like sour cream, grated cheese, diced tomatoes, bacon, and other foods that will be used for the baked potatoes or for the tacos. 

End the meal with a different type of dessert. For example, make your own sweet cinnamon and sugar chips using flour tortillas as the base. Then serve things like chocolate flavored and  caramel flavored dipping sauce, Another idea is to have an ice cream bar where your guests can create their own ice cream sundaes. Use your small handmade pottery dishes to hold the items that will be used to create the sundaes.

Visit a local shop for chip and dip handmade pottery dishes as well as other dishes that you may need for your party.