Benefits Of Leather Dog Collars

Posted on: 10 December 2018

These days, many of the dog collars you see in stores are made from nylon. While nylon does have its advantages—it's colorful and very strong—you may want to stick with traditional leather instead. Here are a few reasons why leather dog collars are still a very smart choice.

1. Leather dog collars are classic.

Leather is a very classic material. It's hard to picture something made from leather that is not classy and elegant-looking. If this is the look you want to portray with your dog, you will never achieve it with nylon collars. Leather looks especially lovely on refined breeds, like poodles, cocker spaniels, and King Charles cavalier spaniels.

2. Leather will last a lifetime. 

Nylon collars will eventually start fraying and looking worn. Even if they are still in strong, durable condition, they may become discolored and disheveled. You'll need to buy your dog at least several nylon collars during his or her lifetime. On the contrary, your dog can get by with a single leather collar. It will stay looking nice for as long as your dog is around as long as you care for it properly. As your dog's neck size changes, you can add holes to the leather with a simple leather punch. Making holes in nylon is a lot harder.

3. You can have a name plate added to a leather collar.

A good way to make a leather collar look more luxurious and personalized is to add a brass or steel name plate to it. You can order these name plates online through pet vendors, and then attach them to the collar yourself. Imagine how nice your dog will look with his or her own nameplate collar. And when your dog is gone, you can keep the personalized collar as a memorial.

4. Leather may snap in an emergency.

If your dog somehow gets loose and gets his or her collar stuck on something, a leather collar might eventually snap if your dog pulls against it hard enough. A nylon collar is much stronger—and in the case of an emergency—this could be a bad thing. It may not break and free your dog from a sticky situation. Thus, leather is a safer choice for your dog.

Take a look at leather collars at your local pet supply store. Whether you like dark brown, black, or even tan leather, you can find a collar that you and your dog will love.

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