3 Occasions To Consider Buying Someone An Engraved Dog Tag Necklace

Posted on: 10 October 2018

Although its roots lie in the military, many civilians enjoy wearing dog tag necklaces as a fashion expression. If you have someone you know who always appreciates new jewelry, a dog tag necklace can be a perfect gift. Whether you go with a fancy style, perhaps with a few gemstones encrusted around the perimeter, or opt for something more rustic, a dog tag necklace is especially ideal to give as a gift if you take the time to engrave it on one or more both sides. What you get engraved will depend on the circumstances that surround the occasion. Here are some ideas that you might wish to pursue.

1. Someone's Sobriety

Those who achieve sobriety from alcohol or drugs can benefit from your support, and one way to offer your support for this important achievement is by giving a gift. A dog tag necklace can be a suitable gift at this time because the person will always wear the jewelry around his or her neck — making it a constant reminder of the achievement. You can have a congratulatory message such as "Way to go" engraved, or you might alternatively opt for a message of support, such as "Keep up the good work." Another idea is to have the person's sobriety date engraved onto the dog tag.

2. In Memory

A dog tag necklace can also be an effective gift to give to memorialize someone who has passed away. If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one and is struggling with this difficult time, your gift of the dog tag necklace may provide comfort to him or her. For example, if someone has gone through the impossibly difficult experience of losing a child, having a dog tag necklace with the child's name and the dates of his or her birth and death can be an extremely thoughtful gift.

3. Someone's Coming Out

Traditionally, dog tags have been associated with providing the identity of the person wearing them. You can pay tribute to this idea by giving the gift of a dog tag necklace to someone who has recently come out of the closet or perhaps come out as trans. For such an individual, this occasion may be a time at which he or she feels that his or her true identity is known — and this can make a dog tag necklace shows that you respect the person and accept his or her identity.

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