Ideas For Decorating Your Yard's Water Fountain For Your Next Outdoor Party

Posted on: 19 August 2018

If you are making plans for an outdoor party at your home, you may decide that you want to go all out and decorate everything in your yard, including your water fountain. If so, consider using one or all of the ideas below for decorating your fountain.

Add Colorful Flair with Decorative Stones or Crystals

If your water fountain is made from drab, plain concrete or stone, consider adding colorful flair with either decorative stones or crystals. For the stones, you can use smooth river rocks with naturally unique designs. Or, you can find some that have been painted so you can match your color scheme.

Crystals, such as quartz or even large cut and finished geodes, can do more than simply add color. Whether your party is scheduled for the day or night, the crystals can reflect the light from the sun or your lamps.

Give the Fountain a Natural Touch with Water Lilies

Another way you can attract attention to your water fountain is to have water lilies growing on top of the water. The dark green pads with their contrasting delicate flowers add natural beauty to your fountain and can blend in with various party themes.

If you are planning your party several months ahead of time, you could consider growing the water lilies yourself. However, if the party is only a few days or weeks away, you do not have time to let nature take its course. Or, even if you have plenty of time, you may not have the time required to tend to the flowers.

Instead, you can find some artificial ones that you can use for your party. High-quality artificial water lilies can look just like the real thing without the time and effort required needed to grow them.

Illuminate the Water with Floating Tea Lights

If you are planning a party at night, you can add some extra light to your yard by placing floating tea lights on the surface. These lights softly illuminate the water, giving the surrounding area a warm glow.

These lights can also be used with either of the above suggestions. The lights can nestle between the water lilies to accentuate their beauty. Or, the light can be refracted by crystals for a unique light display as they float on the water's surface.

The above ideas are only some examples of what you can do to spruce up your fountain for your next party. For more suggestions on how to personalize the fountain with a special theme, visit a business that offers water fountain decor