The Weather Outside Is Frightful: Area Rug Materials To Keep You Warm In Winter

Posted on: 29 June 2018

Though it might seem that winter is a long way off, what with the summer heat seemingly increasing every day, the warm weather is actually the perfect time to purchase wintertime area rugs, as stores will be trying to make room for new summer merchandise by putting cold-weather items on sale. But how do you know what rugs are best for the punishingly cold months of winter?

There are as many area rug materials as there are colors or styles — so if you're looking for a quick run-down of the best materials for a winter area rug, then here's what you need to know.


The most obvious choice, but a good one to consider if you've brushed over it in favor of newer, more daring materials. Wool is a mainstay for a reason — it’s warm, cozy, and incredibly durable, making it a great choice for nearly anywhere in your home during the winter. It's also stain repellent, in case wintertime crafts get a little messier than you would have liked.

The one caveat with wool is that it absorbs water, so it might not be best in damp areas like your bathroom or underneath the kitchen sink.


Whether you choose nylon, polypropylene, or something else entirely, synthetic fabrics are a great choice for a winter area rug. Not only are they moderately durable, but they're also water-resistant, meaning that they can go places that wool just can't, like next to your shower or in the laundry room where a stray spill would mean disaster for other fabrics.

They can even look and feel like natural fibers, thanks to technology marching on. You might want to keep them away from the entryway or other extremely high-traffic areas, however, as they won't hold up as well as other more durable fabrics.


Animal skins make for great rugs, especially if your home has a more rustic vibe or if your family is really into hunting. Fur is incredibly soft, easy to clean, and can really stand out as a statement piece as well as a tool to help keep you warm in the rough winter months.

Out of these three materials, however, fur is probably the least durable, and for that reason should be put in places like home offices or bedrooms, where they'll see light use rather than your living room or kitchen. You should also be careful to clean them immediately if they get messy unless you want a stained rug. 

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