Features of Police Motorcycle Helmets

Posted on: 28 April 2018

Anyone who rides a motorcycle should be wearing a motorcycle helmet to protect themselves in case of an accident. The helmets significantly decrease the chances of the rider suffering a serious head injury. In most states, it is even the law that someone on a motorcycle must have a helmet on. It is especially important for police officers to wear their helmets. They are often put in dangerous situations where they have to drive their motorcycles at very high rates of speed and make very fast, last minute moves. They can also find themselves in the position of having people actually trying to knock them from their bikes or even trying to cause them to get into an accident. Police helmets are designed in a way that caters to their job as much as possible. Here are some of the features that police helmets have:

Specific colors

It is important for police officers to be easily recognizable when they are on the road. For this reason, the helmet an officer wears will depict the same colors as their uniform and/or motorcycle, as well as white. The colors and the patterns of those colors also come together to make them easy to spot.


Police motorcycle helmets also have sun visors to help keep the sun from getting in their eyes while they are riding their motorcycle. Some of the visors can snap off, so they can be replaced by larger or smaller ones if that is what the officer feels more comfortable with. Also, being able to remove them makes it easier for the officer to properly clean their motorcycle helmet.


Sometimes, the police motorcycle helmets will have an emblem on them that depicts the station's logo. This is another way that the helmet helps to identify the police officer.

Chin strap

The helmets also have quality chin straps that fit comfortably in place to hold the helmet on their head, even if they do experience impact that would normally cause the helmet to go flying off of them.

When an officer is looking for the right motorcycle helmet, they'll want to try on different models because there are a lot of different shapes and sizes. This means one they try on can feel uncomfortable or not fit properly and then another can fit perfectly, so they can ride without even remembering that they are wearing it at all.