Added A New Faux Leather Jacket To Your Wardrobe? How To Keep It Looking Brand New

Posted on: 15 October 2017

If you want a real leather jacket, but it's not in your budget, take a look a faux leather instead. One of the great things about faux leather is that you can get the look and feel of real leather, without the cost. Another benefit of faux leather is that it's much easier to care for than real leather. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that will help you care for your new faux leather jacket.

Wipe it Down

When it comes to your new faux leather jacket, the best thing you can do is wipe it down after each use. Wiping it down after each use will remove the oils and dirt that can build up on it. Over time, that oil and dirt can diminish the look of your faux leather jacket. Fill a sink with warm, sudsy water, and use a soft cloth to wipe your jacket off. Next, use a clean cloth to wipe your jacket off with clear water. Finally, dry your jacket off with a soft, dry cloth. This will restore the luster of your faux leather jacket.

Wash Carefully

If you've got a light-colored faux leather jacket, it can start looking dirty. If you can't remove the dirt marks by wiping it off, you can place it in your washing machine. Wash your jacket in cold water, using a mild detergent. Don't use bleach, or you could ruin the fabric. You can wash your jacket about once a week to keep it looking its best.

Avoid the Dryer

While you can wash your jacket in the washing machine, you should avoid placing it in the dryer. Extreme heat can damage the faux leather. Instead of using the dryer, lay your jacket on a flat surface and allow it to air dry. You can also place your jacket on a hanger and allow it to air dry in the closet, or on a clothes line.

Store Properly

To keep your jacket looking its best, you need to take care to store it properly. Your faux leather jacket should be hung on a padded hanger and left to hang in the closet. You should avoid folding your jacket, or it could develop deep creases that could damage the fabric.

Now that you have your new womens lightweight leather look jacket, take care to keep it looking brand new. The tips provided here will help you maintain the appearance of your jacket.