How To Save High School Memorabilia

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Is this your high school graduation year? If so, you are probably wanting to hold on to some memories from these special years. Part of the problem with saving high school items is selecting which ones to keep.  After all, special school papers, game tickets, favorite t-shirts, photographs and other things you want to save can add up really fast. The other problem is simply knowing how to save them. Here are some ideas that might get you started:

A good way to get started is to categorize your items from large to small. For example, you may have a lot of t-shirts from clubs, your participation in sports, and other areas of your busy high school life. You don't have to be an expert to make those shirts into pillows. Just stuff a pillow into the bottom, tie a knot with the leftover fabric, and simply tuck the sleeves inside the pillow. Sew them and the neck hole up and you've got a fun pillow for your bed. Another idea is to combine athletic shirts with the shoes you can't part with, medals and photographs. Place them into a large shadow box that can be hung on a wall or even placed on a table. Don't forget to line the back of the box with fun paper for added interest.

And, speaking of shadow boxes, those would be great for pretty much anything else you're wanting to save. Think about grouping items in a special way. For example, if you were a cheerleader, combine your pompoms with ribbons or hair ties, socks, and photographs of the other cheerleaders and other related items, and put them in a shadow box. Use your school colors in the paper with which you line the back of the box. Companies like Hoosier Highlander offer shadow boxes in multiple sizes, so you'll always be able to fit everything you need in one. Another way to preserve cheerleading items or anything else you want to save is to keep them in a small trunk or in a sturdy box that you decorate to match your bedroom.

The smallest items you're saving can easily be lost and may need special attention. Small boxes would be a great way to keep those collectibles safe. Just make sure to mark the boxes so they won't be accidentally disposed of. Have you ever thought of putting small boxes in a shadow box? Decorate each box with fun papers that complement each other while still adding contrast and interest to the design. 

It's a good idea to write down where you have placed your favorite things. When you do that, you can easily refer to your itemized list and know how to access things you want to look at. Keep your list in a notebook or folder with other papers you want to save.