Visiting Your First Coin Show: Four Things To Know

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Coin shows are great ways for coin collectors to acquire new pieces and sell off unwanted items. If you have never attended a coin show before, here are a few helpful tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

Have Coins Appraised First

If you are bringing coins to sell, consider having them appraised first. This will give you a better idea of how much you should accept should a dealer give you an offer. For large collections of less-than-perfect coins, consider having the coin appraiser provide you with a number for the whole collection. You can then choose to sell off all the coins in one transaction.

Practice Good Etiquette

Dealers want you to browse and visit their booths, but practicing good etiquette can help you to build relationships with the dealers. If you are bringing a coin collection of your own, place it inside of a bag that zips or can otherwise be closed. Keep the bag off of counters, and keep your coins tucked away until a dealer agrees to look at your collection. For browsing, ask to see one coin at a time, and keep your hands visible at all times. These steps will help the dealer to feel more comfortable that you aren't planning to take a coin without paying.

Set A Budget

Having a budget in mind before you attend can prevent you from overspending. Create a wish list of coins you want to look for at the show, and determine what the maximum price is that you are willing to pay for each one. You can use coin collector guides to help you determine your budget. When discussing prices with dealers, you may want to negotiate, but be sure to remain respectful when asking for a lower price.

Practice Good Safety Habits

Coin shows can be a target for would-be thieves, so it's a good idea to keep a few basic safety tips in mind as you move about the show. Keep your money in your pocket, purse, or wallet, and don't flaunt cash as you make purchases. Keep your coins inside a satchel or bag, and avoid setting it down where someone could walk away with it. You should also consider parking as close to the venue as possible, and if you're carrying extremely valuable coins, ask if a security guard is available to escort you to your car.

Joining the world of coin collecting can be a fun and exciting endeavor. Use these tips to make the most of your time at your first coin show and all the ones that will follow.