Don't Forget Daddy: Baby Shower Gift Ideas Tailored Specifically For Dads

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Baby shower gifts are all about celebrating and preparing for the arrival of a new baby. However, it's not uncommon for guests to incorporate gifts for the parents. Unfortunately, in many cases, these gifts are more geared towards the mother, than they are the father, but dads need love too. Fathers play an important role in the birth and life of a baby and deserve to be celebrated. There are a number of gift ideas that can celebrate dad and baby.

Masculine Diaper Bag

Most men aren't exactly excited about having to hold a woman's handbag. If the baby's diaper bag resembles a handbag, chances are, dad will have issue carrying this bag as well. A unique idea is to give dad a more masculine diaper bag that he can use when he takes baby out.

If dad is a sports fanatic, you can get a bag designed in his favorite team's logo. If he is more low-key, a classic leather or cargo style diaper bag is also an option. The idea is to choose a bag based on his personal style.

Delivery Bag

Although the mother is the one going through the countless hours of labor, dad is right there by her side. Since mom has a hospital bag full of items to keep her relaxed and comfortable at the hospital, it's only fair that dad have this same type of convenience. Assuming the shower is held before the birth of the baby, consider gifting dad with his very own delivery bag.

Magazines, slipper socks, hygiene products and non-perishable snacks are just some of the things you can include in the delivery bag. If you really want to wow dad, consider having a pair of custom daddy scrubs designed that he can wear while in the hospital.

Home Preparation Kit

Once a woman reaches the final stages of her pregnancy, the last thing she wants to do is construct baby furniture or install child locks on the cabinets. Since these are tasks that dad will likely be responsible for, give the gift of a home preparation kit.

Within this kit you can include a set of childproofing items, such as furniture bumpers, outlet covers and cabinet locks. You can also include practical, but helpful items like knee pads to keep dad comfy while he is working on preparing the home for baby. Having all these items in one place can make things more convenient for dad.

Giving a baby shower gift that dad and baby can enjoy won't just be appreciated by dad, but the entire family.

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